Sunday, January 13, 2013

My favorites when doing Quilt

These are my fave.
Lasagna and iced choco.
Lasagna is from Pizza Hut.
Iced choco are from Mc Donald, Dunkin donuts and Hoka2 bento.
Love..it !

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lily of the Valley

Here is my applique pillow case creation. I named this Lily of the Valley.
I learned this on last Ramadhan at Martha stewart Senayan City with Nisa ^^
keep on sewing !!

My Lily is on process on my sewing table
Look at the circle, it was not the perfect circle :) But I am happy to make this.
This applique was a little bit difficult than the other. Small things have to put together. But, practice makes perfect. When we do it many times we could get used to it. And the result will be more beautiful.
Keep on sewing moms...!

Quilts for Inacraft

Here are some projects for Inacraft April 2013.
Some will follow...in progres

Inacraft on April 2013

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah. Our quilt group Quilting Queens has an opportunity to join Inacraft on April 2013. This is a very good achievement for us..as a junior quilter.

Each person may have minimum 5/6 projects which have to be perform on that exhibition.

Wish me luck yaw... I have so many projects to do...
This flowery wedding ring will include in the exhibition.

Work hard Quilter !!