Thursday, April 24, 2014

Batik Jewel Bag

My fresh handmade product from my sewing table today is...Batik Jewel Bag.
I have a problems with my Batik scraps, they are so beautiful to abandon. I started googling for a simple bag using 5" squares scraps. I found so many tutorial. I pick the easy one.

Check this web Love To Sew  you will get the tutorial step by step with a photos in there. Besides Jewel bag tutorial there are so many free quilt pattern in here Love to sew free tutorial and pattern
Visit the page then you could make everything :)

If you interest to get an Adobe acrobat doc please email me on endah.lestari@gmail.com

Happy Quilting,

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Jog

Jogging Park Summarecon
Taken from my mobile phone Polytron Quadra HD W8470
I have been doing jog for a couple of days. For all the busy things me and my hubby every day, we think doing some jogs, 5-10 laps would be so important. In our mid age, doing some sport is so meaningful. We have a place to jog everyday close to my kids school.
Fifteen minutes every morning is enough to do a little walk. This could release a little stress in our mind. LOL.
with my youngest kid
Lets continue our healthy life.
And don't forget to keep your passion ON.
Love Quilting as always,