Friday, November 28, 2014

Patchwork Cushions

Some months ago I made these patchwork pattern using my Moda Charm Pack. I love the color of green and red, it was so matched. I also made Cathedral Window pattern. A little difficult, since this is my first cathedral window I made. Should neat and tidy, there were some process in the making. But I am happy.

....And then I decided to make a cushion, a simple one. A simple project. I combined with local cotton, green stripes and solid red. The size were 40x40 cm. Hand Quilt.

I enjoyed making these. And I want to make it again. Someday...
And these were sold. Make me a double Happy...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Quilting Bee

We have the same passion, same hobby, same goal. Insha Allah.
In our busy time as a mother of our kids, as a wife of our husband, and as a member of our community, Heart Quilt.

We just happy doing THIS...
Where there is love, it comes happiness. Quilt means happiness.

 Judiati, Me, Helmy, Endang, Dian, Agi, Anna (left - right) minus Heny

On Cipete Quilt Gathering, during workshop
Judiati, Helmy & me
See you in November 16, 2014 on the next Cipete Quilt Gathering.
Love you all...!


My Facebook Fan Page

Finally, I have a Facebook Fan Page. Please like my fan page... I show up all my homemade products.

I am still a beginner but I am eager to learn. Any comments or input, please feel free to say or write.


I hope I could manage it.

Enjoy your day, Crafter!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Package to My Friend

There is my friend, like one of my work. Then she would like to order it.
I am so happy, she valued my work. It's a handmade, hand quilt, and I hope she would like it.

Here is the package, ready to send to you, my friend...

Are you happy after finished a project?
Our passion.. our love... Love doing your passion.
Happy Quilting everyone!

Moda Charm Pack Jewel Bag

My 2nd jewel bag is finished and sold.

I used Moda Charm Pack for the exterior and local cotton fabric for lining. I am successfully made this bag using batting in outer and 'staplek' for inner. Staplek is in Bahasa we called it fusible interfacing.

I used original leather for the bag handle. I used magnetic snap for closure.

Hopefully someone who get this bag happy and love this bag.
If she don't, I will take it back :)

I have to make another one, for my beloved friend.

Happy sewing everyone!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quilt Labels

Dear Quilter,

Today I am trying to design a label for my Quilts product. I am looking for a logo from Google. There are so many unique and nice logo for quilts. I Like all the design labels. Make me confused. But I found two simple labels. I have save and editing this and that...

These are the labels... 

Alternative 1
Alternative 2
I prefer alternative 1 but there are three kinds of colors, the printing price is more expensive the alternative 2. For 2,5cm height and 1 roll around 750 thousand rupiahs approximately USD.75. Its printed on fabrics.
I decided to choose alternative 2. I love the font design. and the cute sewing machine off course.
Back to quilt..
(I posted this on my hubby office)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Batik Jewel Bag

My fresh handmade product from my sewing table today is...Batik Jewel Bag.
I have a problems with my Batik scraps, they are so beautiful to abandon. I started googling for a simple bag using 5" squares scraps. I found so many tutorial. I pick the easy one.

Check this web Love To Sew  you will get the tutorial step by step with a photos in there. Besides Jewel bag tutorial there are so many free quilt pattern in here Love to sew free tutorial and pattern
Visit the page then you could make everything :)

If you interest to get an Adobe acrobat doc please email me on endah.lestari@gmail.com

Happy Quilting,

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Jog

Jogging Park Summarecon
Taken from my mobile phone Polytron Quadra HD W8470
I have been doing jog for a couple of days. For all the busy things me and my hubby every day, we think doing some jogs, 5-10 laps would be so important. In our mid age, doing some sport is so meaningful. We have a place to jog everyday close to my kids school.
Fifteen minutes every morning is enough to do a little walk. This could release a little stress in our mind. LOL.
with my youngest kid
Lets continue our healthy life.
And don't forget to keep your passion ON.
Love Quilting as always,

Monday, February 24, 2014

Multipurpose Pouch from Story Quilt

Dear Quilters,

Its raining again this morning. I wish I could back to sleep and back to my cold pillow :) But I had to get up and run my daily routine as a mother of 3 amazing kids. Early morning has to take my 2 kids to school. Then take care for the smallest one. After everything done I'll back to my quilt.
My current project is a pouch. I saw a Japanese blog. It was an awesome blog. The blog name is Story Quilt. I learned so much from there. How to quilt without using a hoop, how to make a nice pouch and bag, and so much more. Every body can make a bag or a pouch but in correctly there are not many.
I try to make one from those website. But I prefer using my local fabrics instead of Japanese fabrics. In Indonesia Japanese fabrics are so expensive. I make a flower applique at the front of the multipurpose pouch. The size of background pieces are 2,5x2,5inch. Randomly color and motif. Otherwise you could make this from your stash. That's why there so many stash boxes I have :)
Assembly the flower applique

After finish quilt the background and the applique. Stitch the two sides together and make an oval shape. Honestly, It's a hard effort to make the bottom of this pouch. We need so much help from our pins. Use as many pins you have to make it. I put a bias to cover it. 
Then I make the handle
 I put some accessories on the back.
assembly the handle

view from above
Finally, I finish the project. it's a cute pouch. I know it is not as pretty as the story quilt made. But this is quite enough good for the first time, I guess.
Ok, have to pick up the kids.  
Enjoy the day, Quilters...


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hexagon Bag

It's February and its still raining for the whole week. I try not to get sick but I can't. I have a bad headache and flu today. But I still have to pick up the kids at school. Flooding every where. I love my city, Jakarta.

I have uploaded my hexagon folded bag with pearl handle. I hope you like it.
We have to thank God of everything we have today.
Note: These bag has been flied to Aussie.