Friday, November 28, 2014

Patchwork Cushions

Some months ago I made these patchwork pattern using my Moda Charm Pack. I love the color of green and red, it was so matched. I also made Cathedral Window pattern. A little difficult, since this is my first cathedral window I made. Should neat and tidy, there were some process in the making. But I am happy.

....And then I decided to make a cushion, a simple one. A simple project. I combined with local cotton, green stripes and solid red. The size were 40x40 cm. Hand Quilt.

I enjoyed making these. And I want to make it again. Someday...
And these were sold. Make me a double Happy...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Quilting Bee

We have the same passion, same hobby, same goal. Insha Allah.
In our busy time as a mother of our kids, as a wife of our husband, and as a member of our community, Heart Quilt.

We just happy doing THIS...
Where there is love, it comes happiness. Quilt means happiness.

 Judiati, Me, Helmy, Endang, Dian, Agi, Anna (left - right) minus Heny

On Cipete Quilt Gathering, during workshop
Judiati, Helmy & me
See you in November 16, 2014 on the next Cipete Quilt Gathering.
Love you all...!


My Facebook Fan Page

Finally, I have a Facebook Fan Page. Please like my fan page... I show up all my homemade products.

I am still a beginner but I am eager to learn. Any comments or input, please feel free to say or write.


I hope I could manage it.

Enjoy your day, Crafter!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Package to My Friend

There is my friend, like one of my work. Then she would like to order it.
I am so happy, she valued my work. It's a handmade, hand quilt, and I hope she would like it.

Here is the package, ready to send to you, my friend...

Are you happy after finished a project?
Our passion.. our love... Love doing your passion.
Happy Quilting everyone!

Moda Charm Pack Jewel Bag

My 2nd jewel bag is finished and sold.

I used Moda Charm Pack for the exterior and local cotton fabric for lining. I am successfully made this bag using batting in outer and 'staplek' for inner. Staplek is in Bahasa we called it fusible interfacing.

I used original leather for the bag handle. I used magnetic snap for closure.

Hopefully someone who get this bag happy and love this bag.
If she don't, I will take it back :)

I have to make another one, for my beloved friend.

Happy sewing everyone!