Monday, February 24, 2014

Multipurpose Pouch from Story Quilt

Dear Quilters,

Its raining again this morning. I wish I could back to sleep and back to my cold pillow :) But I had to get up and run my daily routine as a mother of 3 amazing kids. Early morning has to take my 2 kids to school. Then take care for the smallest one. After everything done I'll back to my quilt.
My current project is a pouch. I saw a Japanese blog. It was an awesome blog. The blog name is Story Quilt. I learned so much from there. How to quilt without using a hoop, how to make a nice pouch and bag, and so much more. Every body can make a bag or a pouch but in correctly there are not many.
I try to make one from those website. But I prefer using my local fabrics instead of Japanese fabrics. In Indonesia Japanese fabrics are so expensive. I make a flower applique at the front of the multipurpose pouch. The size of background pieces are 2,5x2,5inch. Randomly color and motif. Otherwise you could make this from your stash. That's why there so many stash boxes I have :)
Assembly the flower applique

After finish quilt the background and the applique. Stitch the two sides together and make an oval shape. Honestly, It's a hard effort to make the bottom of this pouch. We need so much help from our pins. Use as many pins you have to make it. I put a bias to cover it. 
Then I make the handle
 I put some accessories on the back.
assembly the handle

view from above
Finally, I finish the project. it's a cute pouch. I know it is not as pretty as the story quilt made. But this is quite enough good for the first time, I guess.
Ok, have to pick up the kids.  
Enjoy the day, Quilters...


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hexagon Bag

It's February and its still raining for the whole week. I try not to get sick but I can't. I have a bad headache and flu today. But I still have to pick up the kids at school. Flooding every where. I love my city, Jakarta.

I have uploaded my hexagon folded bag with pearl handle. I hope you like it.
We have to thank God of everything we have today.
Note: These bag has been flied to Aussie.