Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another Jewel Bag...

The most attractive bag I ever make. I made it from Moda Charm Pack. The color was so calm. Like a blue sky. Some of my customers like this kind of bag, its a simple bag but not simple to make. You can hand quilt or machine quilt this bag also, it will makes more beautiful.
I hope my customers like this bag..
Keep order to me yah...

Matroska Folded Wallet

This is my 4th or 5th times making this folded wallet. I kind a like it. This one I make it for my daughter. She likes pink a lot. And Matroska motif is so cute to have. Love it and my daughter like it too.. I can't help it..

Inside of wallet

Does any one could resist it?
Have a great day Crafter..

3 Bags in A Week

I make 3 bags this week. What a productive week.. this is not like originally me :)
There must be some reason why I make 3 bags in a week...
There are so many outstanding order I left behind, so I have to finish it. Cause I have so many plan for my life, my future..

Scary me, I am not finished yet :(
Keep stronger, Ganbatte!!

One of my favorite bag, I named it Horizon Blue (love the blue color)
This bag never fails me, My simplicity bag. Love the flower motif and this bag look so vintage
The most romantic bag ever..
This is what we called "Doctor Bag" Masculine Pink

My Newest Bag

Tas ini beberapa bulan yang lalu cukup ramai dibicarakan para crafter di dunmay fb khususnya. Dibuat oleh mba Umi Fidh. Nama tas ini adalah "Tas Sejuta Ummat" hehehe...
Sayapun ikut2an beli kit tas ini di mba Umi. Sudah lama beli kitsnya baru sekarang eksekusinya.
Menurut saya pengerjaan tas ini tidak terlalu sulit, hanya pada bagian pemasangan mata sapi/bolongan untuk handlenya saja yang lumayan lama. Mgkn karena saya tidak mempunyai alat pembolong dan alat mata sapinya. Tas ini closurenya tidak memakai zipper.
Nanti saya foto bagian dalamnya ya.
Semoga tidak mengecewakan.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Accordion Wallet

My 3rd accordion wallet in the making (I Guess).
I am getting like this kind of wallet. Beginning when I bought this kit from Umi Fidh. And looked at her tutorial on her blog. It wasn't an easy for me to understand clearly as I am not the expert of a wallet maker. But now I am get in to it. I made a little modification on the wallet.

Look at the label, it wasn't put on the right position :)

 I found a great picture background :)

Inside the wallet
I made my own tutorial for this wallet.
You could look it in here. I made this tutorial in Bahasa, if you're interested in English language I will try to make it in English, someday :)